Rocky Mountain Field Hockey

Developmental Programs


Our developmental program is focused on helping Rocky athletes achieve their goals, whether that's traveling to a tournament, making their varsity team, or playing in college. We know that in order to improve, consistent training is vital, that's why practice throughout the school year. Consistent training allows athletes to grow their confidence on the ball, increase hockey knowledge, and work together with a team. It is our collective goal to create a practice environment where athletes can try new things and make mistakes.

We believe there are two important pieces to development to focus on: training and mindset.

Our current developmental program runs through the end of March and is our winter indoor session for our U16 and U19 levels.

Spring Season

Registration for Rocky's spring season is now open! Spring season runs April through May and takes place on turf. We're excited to carry the awesome momentum from our Fall and Winter seasons into the Spring.

Wednesdays from 6-8 PM at South Suburban Sports Complex

Saturdays from 4-6 PM at Kent Denver School on Horn Field.

*Though practices are at the same time, the group will be split into U16 and U19 at each practice.


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  • Skill Development

    We train on everything from technical skills to game strategy. 

  • Agility

    Footwork, coordination, and speed training are incorporated into every practice. 

  • Hockey IQ

    Understanding the game and strategy is vital to our success as a team. 


At Rocky, we know the importance that mindset has in making or breaking a player, that's why it's one of our core values! In addition to training on the field, we work throughout the year on improving on our mindset. Each Rocky athlete is equipped with a journal to reflect and complete mindset work throughout the year.

what mindset means to us

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  • Growth

    There's always room to improve and get better.

  • No Opponent is too big

    With heart, preparation, and a great game plan, we can overcome any opponent. 

  • Failure is never final

    We all make mistakes, it's about how we respond to them. 

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