Rocky Mountain Field Hockey

The Rocky Mountain Way

our mission

At Rocky Mountain Field Hockey Club our mission is simple, we aim to create great field hockey players and even better humans.

our Core Values

The Rocky Mountain Way can be summed up in one phrase: Be a good TEAMMATE. At Rocky, a good teammate exemplifies HUMILTY and always puts the we before the me. They operate with INTEGRITY, knowing every decision they make on and off the field, matters. A good teammate knows the importance of a great MINDSET, knowing there’s always room for growth, no opponent is too big, and failure is never final. And lastly, a good teammate wants to have FUN while they’re playing, that’s why we laugh and we always build one another up.

Roll Rocky

If you're around the club, you'll often hear the words Roll Rocky. To each individual, Roll Rocky means different things but collectively it can be summed up in our spirit to roll with it. No matter what comes our way, we keep rolling!