Rocky Mountain Field Hockey

Rocky Parents


Our mission at RMFHC is to create great field hockey players and set our athletes up for long life success. As part of this, these are our expectations for all RMFHC parents:

  • At RMFHC, we aim to create an inclusive, family atmosphere.
  • Players are their own biggest advocates. If your player has a question or comment, please send them directly to us.
  • We believe great communication is key. Within reason, we expect our athletes to communicate any missed practices within 24 hours. We also understand that your athletes have more going on than just field hockey, just keep us in the loop for big things.
  • Be respectful at tournaments. As a RMFHC parent, you represent the entire RMFHC family in your interactions with referees, opposing teams, and parents.


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  • A family atmosphere. We started RMFHC because we want to provide a space for athletes to make mistakes, grow, and create genuine relationships.
  • Great communication. We aim to get back to questions from athletes and parents as soon as we can. Please keep in mind, Katie and Emily both work full-time jobs outside of RMFHC.
  • Organized travel trips. We love organization at RMFHC and will do our best to make sure every trip is planned out well in advance to allow you ample time to make a decision about attending.
  • We care. We want every single RMFHC athlete to feel valued and grow. We’re here to invest in your athlete and help them achieve their field hockey goals.
  • Fun. That’s why we’re here right? We don’t ever want our athletes to experience burnout. We hope field hockey practice is something the girls look forward to.